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This is literally the cutest thing ever and this is a topic very close to my heart, as I adopted my kitten from the Humane Society. :-)

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They say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst. 

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Fork    |    http://madebyfork.ru

"Mary Wong is the chain of noodle bars from Rostov-on-Don. It’s the place where noodle is made with Asian accuracy and American spirit."

Fork is a group of young designers based in Moscow, Russia. They have their own view of things and they want to share it with everyone. Their goal is to make the world more meaningful and beautiful. They love (and are able) to work on corporate identity, packaging, websites, typography, interiors and installations. For any problem, they come from different perspectives and control the whole process, from sketches to construction.

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Francesca Ramos graduated from Cal Arts in 2014 with a degree in Graphic Design


The Batmen by Salvador Anguiano / Tumblr

Part of the Poster Posse’s Batman 75th Anniversary tribute project, over at Blurppy.

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Ghibli Illustrations

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Miniaturas de comida

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Baile de sombras

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Cuando la pregunta de un examen contiene la respuesta de otra.


tienda de juguetes (portal de juguetes)

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